Tabor Center Denver, Co installs commercial Heat Shield clear Nano-Ceramic window film on 836 panes of glass.

The Tabor Center in Denver, Colorado selected Heat Shield Nano-Ceramic film due to its ultra clear look, which doesn't alter the buildings appearance from the inside or exterior. The owners at the Tabor Center building were very concerned about the appearance of the film. After we installed a sample of our product, it became the clear choice. Now the Tabor Center has reduced their carbon footprint and they have happy tenants that can enjoy their fabulous Colorado views without experiencing the harmful effects of the sun.
All of our Heat Shield films block 99% of the UV. What truly sets us apart from the competition, however is that our products are truly clear. They are not reflective like traditional window films. The films have the ability to let in the natural daylight but block out the harmful infrared heat and ultra violet radiation. If you have a home or office and are looking for the best window film that money can buy call us for a free quote on our Heat Shield line of clear Nano-Ceramic films.  720-230-8468
Click here to see image of full scope of work @ Tabor Center Denver, CO 2011.
Please click on link below to see our products installed in a Colorado home with meteorologist Jason Boyer.
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