Blogs in Denver, Colorado is leading the way into the Photovoltaic window film future.

Heat Shield Window Films located in sunny Denver, Colorado is leading the way into a new era of Window Films. Welcome to Photovoltaic window film for Colorado and the rest of world's sky scrapers. In the near future our patent pending technology will allow us to turn sky scrapers into vertical solar farms.

Your health can benefit from installing Heat Shield Window Film.

UV window film is today’s answer to the health issue caused by exposure to UV rays. Yes, UV rays can penetrate your home or office.

Come see us April 29th - May 1st at the Maricopa County Home Show with Guardian Energy Solutions of AZ.

Ray Wolfe President of Guardian Energy Solutions in Arizona will be representing Heat Shield Window Film at the Maricopa County Home Shows April 29th through May 1st.

Heat Shield Window Film of Denver, Colorado partners with A Solar Solution.

A Solar Solution, Inc. has been chosen as Denver’s sole installation company for our premier line of Nano-Ceramic window films.

A Solar Solution of Denver is Colorado’s only authorized Heat Shield Window Film installation company.

Due to the rapid growth of our Heat Shield line of films, A Solar Solution, Inc. is hiring qualified window film installers. Heat Shield window films are industry leading Nano-Ceramic films that are applied to the interior side of windows. They are the by far the clearest films on the market that allow the most visible light (the light we want), while rejecting a very high degree of infrared heat.

The Denver, Colorado UV index is forecasted to reach 8 on Thursday April 26th 2011. Got Film?

The UV Index is a forecast of the amount of skin damaging UV radiation expected to reach the earth's surface at the time when the sun is highest in the sky (around midday). The amount of UV radiation reaching the surface is primarily related to the elevation of the sun in the sky, the amount of ozone in the stratosphere, and the amounts of cloud cover. However, heavy cloud cover can greatly reduce ultraviolet radiation levels and surprisingly, certain types of thin cloud coverage can magnify the ultraviolet radiation.

Prestige Luxury home in Solterra Lakewood, CO installs Heat Shield Ultra Clear ICE window film on 151 panes.

Heat Shield Ultra Clear ICE window film was installed on 151 panes in Lakewood, CO for the Bennett residence. This fabulous home is located in Solterra which was home of the 2008 Parade of Homes. The Ultra Clear ICE is our clearest product. It allows 77 % Visible light transmission while blocking out 99% of Colorado’s intense UV. This home has incredible views of Red Rocks Amphitheatre. The homeowners were accustomed to seeing night activities at Red Rocks through their beautiful windows.

The Kirk residence in Lone Tree, CO chooses Heat Shield IR-99 Titanium Nitride Window Film because of its clear appearance.

The Kirk residence in Lone Tree, CO chooses Heat Shield IR-99 Titanium Nitride Window Film because of its clear appearance and superior heat rejection.The back of the Kirk residence has a southern exposure and with not a tree in site the sun penetrates into their home for 10 to 12 hours a day. The UV exposure is intense. They are concerned about furniture and flooring fading from the Colorado UV.

Heat Shield Window Films headquartered in Denver, Colorado teams up with APEX Dermatology to help protect against skin cancer.

Skin cancer in Colorado is more prevalent than you might think. Most people think they’re doing enough to protect themselves and their family. Research shows however, that you can get skin cancer from the comfort of your own home or office. For every 1000 feet in elevation the effects of Ultra Violation Radiation increase by approximately 5%. Clear, un- tinted glass only blocks 27% of the Ultra Violet Radiation. Installing Heat Shield Window Film can increase your protection to 99%!

For top quality home and commercial window film installations in Denver, Colorado call 303-567-2834.

Our Colorado installation team is A Solar Solution of Denver. Call them today @ 303-567-2834 for your free quote on Heat Shield Window Films. You’ll soon see why they have a A+ rating with the Denver Boulder BBB. Proudly serving Colorado since 1986!

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